SESCo’s goal is to provide comprehensive solutions with the best service for the best value. We are committed to providing products and services with the highest quality, value and excellence. We strive for continued improvement with an experienced staff of professionals that help us achieve our goals and live our values.

SESCo's quality assurance program is based on a system of in-process checks and verifications that are conducted throughout each task cycle.These processes are tailored to accommodate any quality requirement that may be specified in the projects/tasks.

SESCo employs internal audit processes and monitoring to provide a continued high level of assurance that SESCo's quality program is effective. These processes also ensure that corrective actions are identified and carried out. Additionally, spot analysis of technical products completed by SESCo personnel identifies consistent compliance with the policies contained in the SESCo quality assurance program. A typical quality program within a SESCo task will include (but is not limited to):

  • Developing and implementing an ongoing audit program
  • Conducting spot analyses on the quality process as it relates to a particular task
  • Conduct an annual review of the SESCo quality assurance program
  • In-house quality training
  • Review of test plans and procedures
  • Complete test reports
  • Receiving inspections of task materials
  • Ensuring that all parts, components and assemblies are tested, inspected and in compliance with applicable drawings and specifications prior to delivery and/or installation
  • In-process and final inspections of assemblies/installations
  • Comprehensive documentation of completed tasks